nums entry test 2023

NUMS conducts an entry test each year. The Purpose of this entry test is to select competent candidates for MBBS & BDS. More than 70,000 students appear each year in this test.

The Nums Entry Test 2023 is around the corner to hold in October all over Pakistan at 16 test centers. Registration for the test will be open soon.

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The NUMS Entry Test Date is yet not to be announced and excepted date of the NUMS Examination is Sunday 11 OCT.

Preparation Guide

Here is the best way to prepare nums mdcat 2023. The two best ways to prepare for this test are.

  • Books
  • Online Preparation

Books play an important role in the preparation for any examination. Federal Board intermediate books and entry test book for nums mdcat is best for preparation.

Why Federal Books? After a careful and in-depth analysis of the NUMS syllabus, we find 90% content from the Fbise intermediate books.

Why Entry test Book for NUMS MDCAT. The reason is practice. This book will give a clear vision of the actual test. This book will enhance your practice of MCQs.

The Online Preparation. The Best way to prepare NUMS MDCAT. Download The MDCAT NUMS app on your phone. This is the Free android app for online preparation, The App contains a lot of Video lectures and MCQs according to the syllabus.

Some Important Points of NUMS Preparation

Here are the Proven points of NUMS MDCAT Preparation.

  • Read Good Quality Book
  • Consistency is Key to Sucess
  • Practice Past Papers
  • Make Study Schedule
  • Take Care of your health


The eligibility criteria for the NUMS Entry test is here. Must read before starting the registration process.

  • Students from A-Levels and FSC pre-medical can apply in NUMS MDCAT. He should have a minimum of 70% obtained marks. One who have passed any other examination, from some foreign university body with the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and English
  • Result Awaiting Students can also apply.
  • O/A Level Students can apply too. IBBC certificate is compulsory for O/A Level Students
  • Additional 20 Marks will be awarded to one who has done Hafiz e Quran only if He or She passes the Hafiz Quran Test, Conducted by the Admission Board National University of Medical Sciences.

There is 3000 MBBS & Bds seat in the medical colleges, Affiliated with the National Univerity of Medical sciences. These colleges are located in different cities in Pakistan. In addition to the NUMS entry test, it is mandatory for successful candidates to pass the National Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Test (MDCAT) as announced by Pakistan Medical Commission.

NUMS Test Pattern 2023

Nums entry test is MCQs based test. The pattern is

  • Total 200 MCQs
  • 80 Biology MCQs
  • 60 Chemistry MCQs
  • 40 Physics MCQs
  • 20 English MCQs

These multiples choice questions will be according to the syllabus. This is the latest pattern for this year’s NUMS MDCAT Test.

Download NUMS Syllabus 2023

Here is the NUMS Syllabus entry test. You can also download this syllabus in pdf format. You must get the syllabus from day one. These are the outline topic. A Paper setter makes paper from this. Better to get a pdf file of the syllabus and get printed.

Medical Colleges Affiliated With NUMS

13 Medical and 5 dental colleges are affiliated with nums across the country.

The medical colleges affiliated with NUMS have 2 categories

  1. Public Sector
  2. Private Sector

Public Sector

The Army Medical College, Rawalpindi is the one and only public sector Medical College affiliated with NUMS

Private Sector Medical

Here is the complete  list of Private sector medical colleges affiliated with NUMS

  • CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College
  • Wah Medical College (WMC), Wah Cant
  • CMH Multan Institute Of Medical Sciences
  • Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad
  • CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian Cant
  • Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College (FRPMC), Karachi
  • HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila
  • Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (Qims)
  • CMH Institute of Medical Sciences, Bahawalpur
  • Karachi Institute Of Medical Sciences, Karachi
  • Bahria University Medical And Dental College, Karachi

Dental Colleges

Here are the dental colleges of NUMS. All these four colleges are private sector

  • Foundation University College of Dentistry & Hospital, Islamabad
  • CMH Lahore Medical And Dental College
  • HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Bahria University Medical and Dental College

NUMS Past Papers PDF Download

PDF files of all Past and practice papers of the NUMS MDCAT are attached in this article, You can download these files free of cost. These can help you to practice nums multiple-choice (MCQs).

  • Solving past papers is as important as book reading itself. It gives you a complete understanding of the type of questions generally given in the test. So get yourself Nums past papers right from day one. These can be downloaded in PDF Format from Here.
  • NUMS Entry Test Past papers give you a lot more understanding about what kind of questions to expect and how you should approach them. But only gathering past papers resources is not enough, you should make an active effort in solving them, with a timer on. During Solving Past Paper you must have a stopwatch.
  • Past papers Help you to analyze weak and strong points.

The practice of past papers is very important.

The AFNS Registration 2023 Online is open Now.

Registration Process

The Nums registration process is very simple. The candidate must register on the official website of the National Medical Univerity of Medical Sciences website.

The following documents are required for the Nums MDCAT registration.

  • SSC Result card
  • HSSC Result Card
  • CNIC/B form
  • Domicile
  • Parents/Guardian CNIC

The above documents are mandatory, if you need any kind of help, or have questions please contact us. Our passion is to help you.

nums entry test registration
nums entry test registration

Test Centres

Nums conducts the test simultaneously across the country. To facilitate candidates nums conduct the test in different centers. Here are the cities where the test center exists. The candidate can select any center from the below list.

Nums Merit Calculator

This is the Frequently asked question. How to calculate nums merit? To calculate nums merit, the Following simple formula can be used

  • Entry test Marks/200×50
  • HSSC Marks/1100×50

If you need any help regarding merit calculation. Comment below. We will help you.


So gear up and get started with NUMS Preparation 2023 Since there is no query left to discuss. we summarised everything here. Make a proper timetable of your own. Divide your days over subjects. take out time and practice Nums past papers. make sure to analyze past papers during practice. Make sure to keep a timer with you. It will train your mind to perform the fastest way. Write a comment if you have any questions regarding the nums entry test. Our expert will guide you.